Foamtech Antifire Company

Address: 57 Sharda Niketan, Pitampura, New Delhi, 110034, India

Telephone Number: +911145700516 Email Address:


Foamtech Antifire Company's modern plant at Haridwar, foothills of the Himalayas produces fire fighting foam concentrates and dry chemical powders.

The company has a sophisticated plant and machinery, modern test laboratory, with facility of testing of foam concentrates and dry chemical powders in accordance with national and international standards like UL, BIS, ISO, ICAO, DIN, Defence (India), Defence (UK), including fire performance test.

This modern testing laboratory verifies products by itself and satisfies the clients by testing the products in presence of them. Highly qualified and experienced personnel are engaged to monitor, the production and testing. Here, R & D work is part of daily routine for development of products.