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FLIR video smoke detection technology is a highly reliable Very Early Warning System, because it is based on years of operational experience in more than 700 road tunnels worldwide. Updated and combined with the latest technologies, FLIR smoke detection software is now ready to address those environments where conventional smoke detection could fail or activate too many unwanted/false alarms. FLIR’s solution has been designed to handle difficult environmental parameters such as dirt, dust, voluminous areas, high air flow and sudden light changes. For the operator, the high-performance FLIR solution is very easy to install, operate and maintain.

Key functionalities:

• Fast smoke detection
• Visual verification
• Scalable alarm handling

Key benefits

• Fast & reliable very early warning
• Field-proven solution
• Low false and unwanted alarm rate
• Damage control & life-saving
• Robust solution for harsh environments
• Safe and remote verification of alarms
• Low installation & maintenance cost