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Flameout is a revolutionary new fire extinguishing foam that is exceptionally powerful, safe for the environment and perfect to protect your family. It’s the ONLY 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive fire extinguishing foam that’s UL listed and certified by both the EPA & U.S. Dept. of Forestry. And, Flameout provides significant advantages over traditional dry chemical fire extinguishers. See the Flameout difference or learn why Flameout is the right choice not only for your home, but your car, boat, RV and more.

Flameout’s environmentally friendly formula doesn’t mean it lacks performance. In fact, Flameout is used by professional firefighters to battle forest fires in the United States and Canada. Professionals trust Flameout because its patented formula puts fires out permanently, preventing re-ignition. Dry chemical fire extinguishers can’t say that. Want some proof? In a household grease fire, Flameout killed the fire permanently and not even a blow torch could reignite the grease. Watch the video to your right and see for yourself.