Firet Italia

Address: Via Adelfo Maccaferri, 2/a, Zola Predosa, Bologna, 40069, Italy

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Firet Italia was set up in 2008, from an ambitious business project: to manufacture and market a completely innovative solution in the sector of fire extinguishing devices.

The company’s strength lies in having believed in an idea, a patented invention that developed into a range of safe, reliable and unique fire extinguishing products.

Firet offers products that provide alternatives and complements to the fire extinguishing devices already available on the market. We are creating solutions that are totally new, dedicated to different sectors of application, from marine to residential, from industrial to ecological, through to the automotive industry.

Firet manufactures a wide and varied range of fire extinguishing devices designed to respond in a versatile and effective way to the fire safety needs of the many sectors of application.

Currently, the Firet catalogue is divided into Firet Marine, the line dedicated to fire safety on sailing and motor boats, Firet Ecology, fire extinguishing devices designed for underground waste containers and Firet Energy, the line studied protect inside electrical panels and server rooms in civil and industrial environments.

The combination of extinguishing materials and compounds used also makes it possible to develop specific and customised models on request, while maintaining intact all the features and advantages peculiar to the Firet innovation.