Fire Crest Fire Protection

Address: Unit 1 The Wilson Building, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Telephone Number: +44 (0)1209 831417 Email Address:


Fire Crest Fire Protection is based in Cornwall and provides fire safety and fire protection products and services to Cornwall and Devon.  This ensures that yourself, your staff and buildings are protected by suitable fire safety products and services in the event that a fire breaks out.

Fire Crest Fire Protection also supply and service hose reels, fire log books, checking of first aid kits and their contents; and undertake fire safety training for your staff.

All extinguisher technicians are registered to BAFE ST104, and therefore trained and qualified to the highest industry standard; so you know your fire protection services meet the fire regulation and industry fire standards, giving you security and peace of mind.  Fire Crest Fire Protection also holds the further qualifications, namely, BAFE SP101 for fire extinguishers, and BAFE SP203 for alarms, relating to the design, commissioning and installation of fire alarm systems; we’re currently working towards a new industry standard for emergency lighting too.  With Fire Crest Fire Protection you know you’re in good hands.