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Evacuate has been founded in 2012 as a specialist in evacuation products used on staircases, evacuation chairs. Our organisation is aimed at providing the best solution for specific customer challenges. This might be one of our evacuation chairs or a training on how to handle evacuations and the stressful situations that occur and how to handle our evacuation chairs.

Our philosophy is that evacuation shouldn't just be about speed but also about the comfort and safety of the evacuee. The circumstances around an evacuation cause panic and stress. Therefore it is essential that the evacuee is comforted and reassured. That is the reason why our evacuation chairs are different from any of our competitors. We deliver more than just a functional evacuation chair. Our evacuation chairs have been designed by ergo therapists to ensure a comfortable and steady seat position. A comfortable seat position will result in less stress. That is why our evacuation seats are the best single user chairs that guarantee a safe, comfortable and fast evacuation.

Our employees are experienced in evacuating elderly, handicapped and injured over the stairs. They are specialist in handling any panic situation and how to comfort evacuees in stressful situations. Our skilled people in combination with our unique evacuation chairs provide the best synergy to assist you with your challenges.