Burner Fire Control, Inc.

Address: 280 Industrial Parkway, Lafayette, LA, 70508, United States

Telephone Number: 337-237-4547 Email Address:


Burner Fire Control is a global provider of specialized active fire protection equipment and services delivering an integrated suite of solutions for offshore and land projects.  The company is composed of cross-functional divisions ranging from construction, fabrication, fire equipment manufacturing, fire equipment distribution, offshore services, and product development.

As the company’s client list has grown to include the majority of top energy companies operating across the world, it has diligently managed its capacity and responsibilities to quickly adjust with economic swings and never failed to meet customer obligations. In addition, its portfolio of insurance and certifications allow it to globally deliver the full spectrum of its service and equipment offerings.
We are known by our customers as an organization with the highest ethical standards and an impeccable service record

Headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, Burner has strategically grown over the years to include a staff of highly trained managers, supervisors, and labor support personnel who are trained, experienced, and certified in their respected areas.