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We appreciate that vehicle fire suppression may not always be at the top of your list of priorities. As the UK's leading independent supplier of fire suppression systems for vehicles and mobile plant, we also understand the need to offer your people and equipment maximum protection.

With experience in many sectors and knowledge of the specific risks involved in each, we specialise in bespoke systems that match your individual needs and working environment, and deliver unquestionable reliability and performance. We achieve this through an uncompromising devotion to detail at every level - from the materials we use and the people we consult, to the way we undertake installations. So, our systems perform flawlessly in all areas and all terrains.

We also provide a team of dedicated engineers and account handlers to ensure every stage of the process runs smoothly and a flexible way of working that takes into consideration your changing requirements. And the fire hazard analysis at the start of our process will ensure you get the vehicle fire suppression system that is perfect for your needs.