A Yangin Guvenlik

Address: Teknik Malz. Is Merk. 1202/1 sok. No:60/s Yeniseh, 35110, Turkey

Telephone Number: +90 232 469 96 93 Email Address:


A Fire and Security Systems has TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) quality cerificate for all own fire fighting products since 2001 and it has been maintaining to be the most comprehensive fire fighting equipment producer company with ISO 9001:2008 quality management certificate as one of the head companies about fire fighting and security equipment production and sales.

A Fire and Security Systems has been analysing needs of fire fighting and security sector and attending national and internationoal fairs so that it expands its customer range and reaches more companies and establisments about fire fighting and security.

A Fire and Security Systems is ready to cooperate, support and serve with all own fire fighting and security products which have the newest technologhy and R&D background any old time and wherever the customer needs such as buildings, factroies, goverments buildings, foresty areas.